H Hinges

Weld-On Hinges

H Hinges

CODE: SIM-1009

Hinges and their significance cannot be overlooked in case of the appropriate working of
doors and windows. Shivam Inplex has brought in the market a wide variety of top quality of
hinges in the market. Out of all the variety of hinges that are found in the market, one of the
types is the H- Hinges. The features of the H- Hinges are as follows:

  • These hinges are in the shape of the English alphabet letter H.
  • They are made of very high quality of steel.
  • The H- hinges come with a zinc coating and are powder coated.
  • The sizes available are 100 mm, 110 mm and 140 mm.
Part Number Size Pin Material Finish
SIM-1009(A) 100mm Steel Steel Powder Coailing/Zinc/Yellow
SIM-1009(B) 110mm Steel Steel Powder Coailing/Zinc/Yellow
SIM-1009(C) 140mm Steel Steel Powder Coailing/Zinc/Yellow