Gate Hinges

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Gate Hinges

CODE: SIM-1012

Another type of hinge that is found in the market is the gate hinge. These hinges are produced by the company named Shivam Inplex. The company is well- acknowledged for their amazing quality of hinges that are also very reasonably priced. The characteristic features of the butt hinges are as follows:

  • These hinges are in the form of a screw.
  • They are made up of high quality steel.
  • The hinges are made through the process of hot galvanization.
  • The hinges are available in a variety of sizes like 12, 16, 20 and 24.
  • The pricing is also very attractive.
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Size  Size  Size  Material  Finish 
12  12 12  Steel Hot Dip Galvanize / Zinc
16  16  16  Steel  Hot Dip Galvanize / Zinc 
20  20  20  Steel  Hot Dip Galvanize / Zinc 
24 24  24  Steel  Hot Dip Galvanize / Zinc