Butt Hinge

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Butt Hinge

CODE: SIM-1011

Another type of hinge that is present in the market is the butt hinge. These hinges are produced by the company named Shivam Inplex. The company is well- known for their amazing quality of hinges that are also very reasonably priced. The characteristic features of the butt hinges are as follows:

  • The butt hinges are made of world- class steel that is anti- rust.
  • The butt hinges come in various sizes like 2 "x1.5"x1.6mm;3 "x2" x1.7mm; 4 "x2.5"x2mm; 5"x2.5"x2.5mm and 6"x3"x2.5mm.
  • The butt hinges are easy to install and very convenient to use.
Size Material
2"x1.5"x1.6mm Steel
3"x2"x1.7mm Steel
4"x2.5"x2mm Steel
5"x2.5"x2.5mm Steel
6"x3"x2.5mm Steel